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SICILY, Syracuse. Hieron II. 275-215 BC. Æ Hemilitron (29mm, 18.13 g, 12h). Struck circa 241-230 or 230-218 BC. Head of Hieron left, wearing laurel wreath; behind neck, small head of ram right / Warrior, wearing helmet and armor, holding couched lance, on horse rearing right; AP monogram below, IERΩNOΣ in exergue. CNS 193 R1 8 var. (no symbol on obv.); BAR Issue 61; Puglisi 340; HGC 2, 1547. EF, attractive green patina. Perfectly centered and struck from fresh dies of exceptional style. Apparently unpublished with this obverse symbol.

This coin comes from a well-documented and extensive series of bronzes minted by Hieron II. However, the very high quality of the engraving makes it stand out from all the others and suggests that it is one of the prototypes for the entire issue. The ram’s head symbol on the obverse is quite exceptional too.