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Ashaeixsho (Aša Vahišta) – The Best Truth/Righteousness

CNG 106, Lot: 585. Estimate $3000.
Sold for $6500. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

INDIA, Kushan Empire. Huvishka. Circa AD 152-192. AV Dinar (22mm, 8.01 g, 12h). Subsidiary mint in Gandhara (Peshawar?). Early phase. ÞAOHAHOÞAO O OhÞHI KOÞαHO (sic), nimbate, diademed, and crowned half-length bust left on clouds, holding mace-scepter and filleted spear / αÞαεiXÞO, Ashaeixsho (Aša Vahišta) standing facing, head left, extending hand in benediction and holding hand on hip; tamgha to left. MK 342 (O1/R1); ANS Kushan 769 (same dies); Donum Burns –. Good VF. Very rare.

From the François Righetti Collection. Ex Classical Numismatic Group 91 (19 September 2012), lot 457.

Representing Aša Vahišta (the Best Truth/Righteousness), one of the Ameša Spentas, or “divine sparks” of Ahura Mazda, Ashaeixsho is the embodiment of truth for the souls of the righteous. As a divine intermediary, he could receive prayers intended for Ahura Mazda. Aša Vahišta was often invoked with Vohu Manah (Good Purpose) – Manaobago of the Kushans –, as well as Ātar (Holy Fire), represented in the Kushan pantheon as Athsho.