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CNG 106, Lot: 221. Estimate $2000.
Sold for $5000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

KINGS of MACEDON. Demetrios I Poliorketes. 306-283 BC. AR Tetradrachm (27mm, 17.00 g, 12h). Amphipolis mint. Struck circa 294-293 BC. Nike standing left on prow of galley left, blowing trumpet she holds in her right hand and cradling stylis in her left arm / BA-ΣIΛE-ΩΣ ΔHMHTPIOY, Poseidon Pelagaios, nude, standing left, seen from behind, preparing to throw trident held aloft in his right hand, chlamys draped over extended left arm; tripod to left; to right, Z above ME monogram. Newell 94 (dies LXXXV/– [obv. die unlisted for issue, rev. die not known]); HGC 3.1, 1012f; Triton XIX, lot 102 (same dies); Triton XVII, lot 164 (same dies); G. Hirsch 272, lot 219 = CNG 78, lot 434 (same dies). Superb EF, toned, underlying luster, minimal die break on obverse (diagnostic for this die), slightly off center.

From the George Bernert Collection.