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Henry V/IV Mule


LANCASTER. Henry V. 1413-1422. AR Groat (26mm, 3.26 g, 8h). Type B, muled with reverse of Henry IV. London (Tower) mint. [+ hЄ]nRIC · DI’· GRA’· RЄX · ΛnGLIЄ : 7 : FRANC’ (saltire and double saltire stops), crowned facing bust within tressure of arches with lis at cusps / POSVI · [DЄV]m · ΛDIVTOR Єm · mЄVm/ CIVI TAS · LOИ DOИ (quatrefoil and saltire stops), long cross pattée, three pellets with annulets in quarters. Potter class IIIb, die 3 (for obv. die); Stewartby p. 324, PIII/B2a; North 1386/1359 (obv./rev.); SCBC 1763. Fine, toned, flan chipped. Very rare.

Ex Lord Stewartby Collection; John Scaife Collection (Spink 175, 28 September 2005), lot 1179.