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955878. Sold For $795

EASTERN EUROPE, Imitations of Philip II of Macedon. 2nd century BC. AR Tetradrachm (24.5mm, 14.98 g, 6h). Kinnlos (Chinless) type. Mint in the central Carpathian region. Celticized head of Zeus right, without chin / Celticized horseman riding right; line with central pellet below. OTA 244; CCCBM I 47; Flesche 720–1; KMW 1142; Lanz 554; Zürich 1287. Good VF, dark iridescent tone.

The issues of Philip II of Macedon were one of the primary coinages circulating in the Thraco-Macedonian region from the late 4th century BC. It was such an integral coinage to the area that official Macedonian issues of Philip II type continued for decades after his death in 336. Naturally, this coinage was imitated by various tribes in the Danube region, probably to facilitate trade with cities where the type was a recognized medium of exchange, down to the first century BC. The earliest types were reasonably faithful copies of the obverse and reverse types, but over time the various tribes “morphed” them, often into abstract designs that only vaguely resembled the originals.