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981550. Sold For $4950

FRANCE, Royal (Restored). Louis Philippe, with Marie and family. 1830-1848. AR Medal (76mm, 216.35 g, 12h). Visit to the Mint. Paris mint. By Barré. Dated 8 November 1833. Two ornately garnished medallions joined by lion’s head: Laureate head of Louis right, LOUIS PHILIPPE I ROI DES FRANÇAIS; Marie left, wearing double-stranded necklace, MARIE AMELIE REINE DES FRANÇAIS. Below, crowned tablet inscribed CHARTE/ DE/ 1830 supported by two cherubs and draped with banner inscribed LA FAMILIE ROYALE VISITE LA MONNAIE LE 8 NOV 1833. Above, winged figure standing facing with wings spread, holding bundle of oak and olive leaves in right hand, floral bouquet in left. All within beaded border / Two square cartouches: the left, jugate busts of Louis Charles, Clementine, and Antoine right, L · C · P · R · D’ORL · D · DE · NEMOURS (star) M · CLEMEN C · L · C · PR · D’ORL (star) A · M · P · L · D’ORL · D · DE · MONTPE; the right, jugate busts of Henri, Marie, and François left, H · E · P · L · D’ORL · D · D’AUMALE (star) MARIE C · C · A · F · L · PR · D’ORL (star) F · F · P · L · M · D’ORL · PR · DE JOINVILLE. Both supported by winged tritons. Two medallions: above, bust of Eugene Adelaide Louise left, EUGENIE ADELAIDE LOUISE PRINC · D’ORLEANS ·; below, jugate busts of Ferdinand Philippe and Louise Marie right, FERD · PH · L · CH · H · JOS · DUC D’ORLEANS. The top medallion supported by two winged figures and cherub seated atop lower medallion. BARRE FECIT below. All within beaded border. Cf. Collignon 1064 (bronze). Superb EF, original toned surfaces. A superb and ornate piece.