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Regalianus, Usurper

CNG 94, Lot: 1076. Estimate $20000.
Sold for $23000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

Regalianus. Usurper, AD 260. AR Antoninianus (20mm, 2.97 g, 12h). Carnuntum mint. IMP C P C REGΛLI[AN]VS ΛVG, radiate and draped bust right / ORIENS ΛVGG, Sol standing left, raising right hand and holding whip in left. RIC V 7; MIR 43, 1713d (same rev. die as illustration); RSC 4a. EF for issue, toned, minor porosity. Overstruck on a Septimius Severus denarius, circa AD 198/9-200 (obv. IMP IX PART MAX), with Victory advancing left reverse. Extremely rare.

From the Ronald J. Hansen Collection. Ex Jonathan Kern Collection.

Following the capture of Valerian I by the Persians, a number of usurpations occurred throughout the empire. In Illyricum, one of Valerian’s generals, Cornelius Publius Caius Regalianus, seized power, but was killed by his own troops after a very short reign. All of Regalianus’ coinage has been attributed to a mint in Carnuntum (on the Danube between modern Hainburg in Austria and Bratislava in Slovakia). It was obviously struck in great haste as evidenced by the relatively crude style and the fact that his known coins are all overstruck on other coins.