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The Greatest Showman on Earth


UNITED STATES. P. T. Barnum, showman and entertainer. 1810-1891. CU Medal (74mm, 206.67 g, 12h). Commemorating the Life of the Famous Showman. By H. Lagriffoul. Issued 1978. PHINEAS TAYLOR BARNUM 1810-1891, half-length bust of Barnum facing, wearing top hat; in background, four elephants advancing right / Hot air balloon rising over an arena; in background, –QUELLE ENTREPRISE?/–UN SPECTACLE/QUI ETONNERA/L’UNIVERS | L’HONNETETE/EST LA MEILLEURE/POLITIQUE (“What’s this? A show that will astonish the world.” | “Honesty is the best policy”). Edge: marked as № 2/100. Malpas 352. Choice EF, attractive two-tone surface brilliance.