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731588. Sold For $2250

Anonymous. Between circa 225-216 BC and 215-212 BC. Æ Aes Grave As (124.7 gm). Transitional issue of "Semi-liberal" and "Post Semi-liberal" weight standard. Head of bearded Janus on a raised disk / Prow of galley left, single pellet on side; I above. Thurlow-Vecchi 63 or 70; Crawford 38/1 or 41/5a; Haeberlin pl. 49, 5. EF, extremely sharp relief, grey-green and earthen patina. $2,250.

CNR XXVII, June 2002, lot 58.

The weight of this coin places it between Crawford 38/1 and 41/5a, making it either a median semi-liberal As or an extremely heavy post semi-liberal As. The duplicity of the style does not clearly appropriate the coin to either 38/1 or 41/5a, and none of Haeberlin's many examples is precisely the same style. The head of Janus has very granular features on the hair and beard and the very high reverse relief of the semi-liberal period. Nonetheless, the galley is more sharply defined and clearly rendered as the post semi-liberal standard, as well as having a smaller diameter flan and a slightly larger rim (created by a smaller disk upon which the type appears). The examples of the semi-liberal standard in Haeberlin range in weight from circa 156 gm down to 99gm, whereas all of the post semi-liberal As approximating this type fall in the 115.5-74 gm range, except for one example at 132.76 gm. Thus, if weight is most important, this coin is clearly semi-liberal, but typologically it bears much more relation to the post semi-liberal standard.