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730943. Sold For $19500

SICILY, Syracuse. Circa 400-370 BC. AR Dekadrachm (43.23 gm). Unsigned dies in the style of Euainetos. Charioteer driving galloping quadriga left, holding kentron in right hand, reins in left; Nike flying above and crowning charioteer; below heavy exergual line: a military harness, shield, greaves, cuirass and Attic helmet all connected by a horizontal spear / Wreathed head of Persephone-Kore left, wearing triple pendant earring and necklace, surrounded by four dolphins swimming; griffin-head before. Gallatin R.XIX/G.Ia; BMC Sicily pg. 172, 187 (same dies); cf. SNG ANS 372; Dewing 921 (same dies). Toned, good VF. $19,500.

CNR XXVII, June 2002, lot 8.

Only two reverse dies in Gallatin’s study illustrate this rare Griffin’s head symbol. This symbol was added to Gallatin’s die G.I later in its use-life, where the previous scallop shell appearing behind Persephone’s head is cleverly obliterated by a bunch of curls. This change is not readily visible until one observes that this new appendage of coiffure is clumpy, and rendered in a style slightly cruder than the original die work. In the second die where the griffin’s head appears, it is less prominent, and the modification of the scallop shell does not exist, as it was never on the die. This particular die shows signs of rapid deterioration, and likely very few specimens were struck as a result