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CNG 91, Lot: 1303. Estimate $500.
Sold for $650. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

INDIA, Mughal Empire. Shihab al-Din Muhammad Shah Jahan. AH 1037-1068 / AD 1627-1658. Lot of 3 AR Rupees. All coins: Shahada with additional inscription (sometimes AH date) / Name and titles of Shah Jahan, mint formula, and AH or RY date. Lot includes the following mints and AH dates: (a) Akbarabad mint. Dated AH 1042; RY 5 (23mm, 11.41 g, 5h). KM 233.1 (date unlisted) // (b) Burhanpur mint. Dated AH 1062; RY 25 (23mm, 11.47 g, 11h). Pelleted quadrate borders with knots at ends. Cf. KM 235.9. Trace of deposit on obverse // (c) Surat mint. Dated AH 1038 (23mm, 11.37 g, 6h). KM 222.13. All coins EF, toned with noted conditions. LOT SOLD AS IS NO RETURNS. Three (3) coins in lot.