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The Education of the Speech-and-Hearing Impaired

926911. Sold For $295

FRANCE, Royal (Second Restoration). Roch-Ambroise Cucurron Sicard, abbot and educator of the speech-and-hearing impaired. 1749-1822. Æ Medal (41mm, 33.24 g, 12h). By P. H. Desnoyers. Dated 1822. Bust left; palm frond before; behind, hands signing “S-I-C-A-R-D” in the manual alphabet / A/LA MÉMOIRE/DE/L’ABBÉ SICARD,/SES AMIS/AU NOM DE SA PATRIE/QU’IL HONORA,/ET/LES SOURDS MUETS/DONTIL FUT/L’INSTITUTEUR/ET LE PÊRE./NÉ LE 12 7ERE 1749./DÉCÉDÉ 10 MAI/1822 (to the memory of Abbot Sicard, from his friends who honor him, both his country and the speech-and-hearing impaired to whom he was a teacher and a father. Born on the 12th of July 1749, died on the 10th of May 1822) in fifteen lines. Edge: Plain. EF, rich brown surfaces.