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Septimius Severus. AD 193-211. AR Denarius (20mm, 2.95 g, 6h). Rome mint. Struck AD 211. Laureate head right / FORT RED P M TR P XIX, COS III P P in exergue, Fortuna seated left, holding rudder and cornucopia; wheel below chair. RIC 246; RSC 154. VF, lightly toned. Extremely rare, only two examples in the Réka-Devnia hoard.

In AD 208, Septimius and his sons began a long campaign in Britain to secure the border against the tribes in Scotland. The campaigns lasted into AD 210, and focused on the Caledonians, with the legions driving far into the north. Successes were short-lived, however, and the Romans realized they could not abate the tribes by raiding their territories. As a result, the decision was made to reinforce the defenses along the Hadrian Wall. While operations were winding down, in February AD 211, Septimius, now aged 66 and of poor health, fell ill and died at his headquarters at York.

This coin, among the rarest of Septimius’ issues, is from the final year of his reign, and has the traditional symbol of hope for the emperor's return when he is away from Rome--Fortuna Redux.