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728359. Sold For $1750

Macedon, Kings of. Philip II. 359-336 BC. AV Gold Stater (8.57 gm). Struck 340-328 BC. Pella mint. Laureate head of Apollo right / FILIPPOU, charioteer driving biga right; thunderbolt below. Cf. Le Rider 60ff (unlisted dies); SNG ANS 130. EF. $1750

While the exact dies are not found in Le Rider's study, the features of the obverse die are similar to dies D43 and D76-77. In particular, the laural crowns on these dies all have a leaf extending diagonally downward both above and below the ear. Also, the hairstyle, "chubby" appearance of the face, and style of the nose and mouth are similar on these dies. It is therefore possible that they are all from the same engraver.