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CNG 85, Lot: 33. Estimate $3000.
Sold for $6500. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

KINGS of ARMENIA. Artaxias II. 34-20 BC. AR Drachm (21mm, 3.21 g, 1h). Artaxata (Artashat) mint. Draped bust right, wearing earring and five-pointed Armenian tiara decorated with comet star; all within laurel wreath / Athena advancing left, holding transverse spear and round shield; IΔ to right, monogram in exergue. SCADA Group 1 (a2/p2 – this coin cited and illustrated); CAA -; AC -. VF, some roughness. Extremely rare, one of only four known.

From the R.A. Collection. Ex Araratian Collection (Part 2, Classical Numismatic Group 46, 24 June 1998), lot 693.

The eldest son of Artavasdes II, Artaxias II ascended to the throne upon his father’s capture by Mark Antony. Further skirmishes with Rome forced Artaxias to flee to Parthia, only later to return and make war with Artavasdes I of Media-Atropatene. Losing the faith of his people, Artaxias was assassinated and replaced by his brother, Tigranes III, with full support in Rome from Augustus.