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Nomos AG, 61

806149. Sold For $3000

LYCIA, Phaselis. Circa 550-530/20 BC. AR Stater (20mm, 10.82 g). Prow of galley right, terminating in a boar's forepart / Rough incuse square. Apparently unpublished. EF, toned. Unique example from a new early series at Phaselis.

This unpublished type falls between Heipp-Tamer’s series 1 and 2. The style of the prow is closely similar to series 1, and quite unlike the following series. At the same time, the incuse is most like that of series 2, as is the flan, which is more thin and broad than series 1. The coins of this and the preceding lots are part of a small but very interesting series of early archaic staters that share a fabric very similar to the early archaic staters associated with the Greek mainland and Aegean Islands.