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Nomos AG, 53

806141. Sold For $20000

ISLANDS off IONIA, Samos. Circa 600-570 BC. EL Hemistater (17mm, 8.56 g). Euboic-Samian Standard. Rough surface with irregular markings / Incuse square and rectangle with irregular markings. Konuk, Electrum, type 1, pl. 2, B = SNG Kayhan 628; Nicolet-Pierre & Barrandon pl. V, 3; Barron pl. XXX, 2 = Traité I 373; SNG Copenhagen -. Good VF. Extremely rare, one of approximately six known, of which only two are in private hands.

The electrum coins of Samos are among the earliest Greek coins. Firm attribution of these “typeless” issues to Samos has only been recently achieved by the discovery of the hoard described by Konuk. All of the early Samian electrum types are quite rare.