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Winner of the 2008 IAPN Book of the Year Award
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McAlee, Richard. The Coins of Roman Antioch. Lancaster, PA, 2007. Hardbound with dust jacket. 406 pp., including in-text illustrations, charts, and tables. (GI139).

The first single comprehensive catalog of the complex Roman provincial coinage of Antioch, this book synthesizes the wide-ranging scholarship on the subject to date into one single volume. Divided into three parts, the first gives an overview of the coinage, including what specifically constituted the Roman provincial coinage of Antioch, and the different categories of coins struck. The first part concludes with a discussion of the types found on the coinage, including letters and pellets, as well as excurses on evidence for attributing particular issues to Antioch, metrology, dating, production figures, countermarks, and forgeries. The second part lays out the denominations of the bronze coinage assigned to Antioch.

The catalog of coins comprises the third part and traces the coinage from the period following Pompey’s annexation of Syria in 64 BC through the imperial issues of Valerian. Divided between civic and imperial issues, the catalog of civic coins includes the revived civic issues of Antioch struck in AD 312 during the Great Persecution. The catalog of imperial coinage, beginning with Antony and Cleopatra, presents each emperor's coinage by general type, followed by their respective subtypes and varieties, all of which are accompanied by illustrations and introductory commentary. Each coin is also assigned a rarity value based on specimens known to the author.

Four appendices complete the book. Appendix 1 lists countermarks found on the aes coinage, with each one cross-referenced to its appropriate Howgego number. Appendix 2 notes the provenance of each illustrated coin. Appendix 3 provides a concordance chart for each general type to Butcher, while Appendix 4 illustrates addenda to the catalog, including each coin's weight, die axis, and size, as well as any relevant die links. Finally, a bibliography of the works cited lists the relevant numismatic works that form the basis of the study.

This well-researched book will be the new standard reference for the provincial coinage of Antioch, and will prove beneficial not only to numismatists and collectors, but those interested in this important provincial city.

Two supplements to the volume are available for free download here:

Supplement 1.

Supplement 2.

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