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A Noteworthy Collection of 33 Different Macedonian Provincial Alexanders

Sale: CNG 75, Lot: 796. Estimate $5000. 
Closing Date: Wednesday, 23 May 2007. 
Sold For $7000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

MACEDON, Koinon of Macedon. Autonomous issues. 3rd century AD. Lot of Æ 25mm. Alexander III of Macedon type. All coins with obverse head of Alexander right or left, wearing either diadem, helmet, or lion skin headdress, or bust right, wearing diadem and cuirassed (one specimen also draped). Includes the following reverses: Alexander breaking Bucephalus (3) // Alexander on Bucephalus right (5). One ex Elsen 76, lot 726 // Alexander on Bucephalus right, spearing lion. Ex Elsen 76, lot 714 // Same, but spearing enemy. Ex Spink 159, lot 1002 // Alexander standing left, holding Bucephalus by reigns and spear // Athena seated left (4). Two ex Elsen 76, lot 721 and 722 // Alexander standing left, holding parazonium and spear (2). One ex Lanz 120, lot 146 // Same, but standing right // Table and agonistic crowns (3). One ex CNG 61, lot 1007; one ex Gorny & Mosch 118, lot 1674; one ex Elsen 76, lot 728 // Two agonistic crowns // Two temple façades (2). One ex Gorny & Mosch 118, lot 1674 // Same, but with column topped by statue of Athena // Legend within wreath // Nemean Lion standing right; club above (4). One ex Elsen 76, lot 725 // Cista mystica // Nike and Tyche clasping hands; lighted altar between. Lot also includes Boerea. Alexander, holding scepter, standing left before table holding cippus supporting unguentarium, agonistic crowns flanking. Coins VF condition or better. Includes collector’s tickets. LOT SOLD AS IS. NO RETURNS. Thirty-three (33) coins in lot, all different varieties.