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Research Coins: Electronic Auction

143, Lot: 345. Estimate $200.
Sold for $290. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

[Roman Imperial] Lot of five ROMAN AR Denarii. Lot includes: Antoninus Pius. 138-161 AD. Laureate head right / Fortuna standing left. RSC 263 // Julia Domna. Augusta 193-217 AD. Draped bust right / Ceres seated left. RSC 14 // Caracalla. 198-217 AD. Laureate and draped bust right / Trophy, two captives at base. RSC 178 // Julia Maesa. Augusta 218-222 AD. Draped bust right / Felicitas standing left. RSC 45 // Maximinus. 235-238 AD. Laureate head right / Victory advancing right. RSC 99a. Five (5) select AR Denarii in lot. Coins average Good VF or better. LOT SOLD AS IS, NO RETURNS.