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160768. Sold For $165

MOESIA INFERIOR, Marcianopolis. Gordian III. 238-244 AD. Æ Pentassaria (27mm, 11.50 g, 1h). Menophilus, magistrate. M ANT GORDIANOC AVG, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Gordian III right, seen from front and draped bust of Serapis left, wearing calathus, vis-à-vis / VP MHNOFILOV MAPKIANOPOLIT-WN (WN ligate), Apollo Sauroctonus standing facing, head right, drawing bow from quiver with right hand and holding bow with left; to left, chiton draped over cippus; to right, serpent entwined about tree trunk; E in upper left field. AMNG I 1090; Mouchmov 782; cf. SNG Copenhagen 255; Varbanov 1534 (same dies). Good VF, green and red-brown patina, traces of smoothing in fields.