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756823. Sold For $465

CORINTHIA. Corinth. 44-31 BC. Æ 23mm (7.26 g, 3h). Q. Caecilius Niger and C. Heius Pamphilius, duoviri. Struck 34-31 BC. CORINT (NT ligate) behind, head of Aphrodite right, wearing necklace; hair bound behind head / Q•CAECIL•NIGR/C•HEIO [PAM (AM ligate)] in two lines above, II VIR in exergue, Bellerophon right on rearing Pegasus, brandishing spear at Chimera below springing left. Amandry VIc.2 (D5/R18; this coin); BCD 329; RPC I 1128; SNG Copenhagen 199. Good VF, brown patina.

Ex BCD Collection (not in Lanz sale).