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KINGS of BOSPORUS. Rhescuporis II, with Caracalla. 211-227 AD. AV Stater (20mm, 7.67 gm, 12h). Dated BE 513 (216/7 AD). BACILEWC PHCKOVPORIDOC, diademed and draped bust of Rhescuporis right; club in front / Laureate and draped bust of emperor right; date below. MacDonald 556/2; Anokhin 633a; Frolova pg. 202 B/-. EF, shallow scrape on reverse.

Beginning with BE 513 (216/17 AD), the imperial bust seems to change from one clearly recognizable as Caracalla to a beardless type. Frolova (pg. 202, A-a/1; pg. 203, K-k/1 and M-o/1), however, publishes several examples for this year wherein the imperial portrait not only displays a beard, but shows a distinct similarity to the subsequent beardless type. Since BE 513 began in October 216 AD and Caracalla was assassinated in early April 217 AD, it is quite probable that this particular stater was struck at about this time. The subsequent beardless types of this year must then have been minted in the days following the news of the emperor's death when the facial features of the successor were unknown.