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Choice New Style Tetradrachm

5592092. SOLD $12500

ATTICA, Athens. Circa 165-42 BC. AR Tetradrachm (33mm, 16.82 g, 12h). New Style coinage. Mened(emos), Epigen(es), and Theophr–, magistrates. Struck 135/4 BC. Head of Athena Parthenos right, wearing single-pendant earring, necklace, and triple-crested Attic helmet decorated with the protomes of four horses above the visor, Pegasos in flight rightward above the raised earpiece, and a curvilinear ornament on the shell / Owl standing right, head facing, on amphora; AΘE above ME-NEΔ/ EΠI/ΓENO/ ΘEOΦP (magistrates’ names) in four lines across field, to left, Asklepios standing left, holding serpent-entwined staff, A on amphora, HP below; all within wreath. Thompson 347d (same obv. die); HGC 4, 1602. A few faint marks. Choice EF. A wonderful coin in hand.