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587342. Sold For $15750

SICILY, Messana. 420-413 BC. AR Tetradrachm (25.5mm, 17.27 g, 5h). The nymph Messana, holding kentron in left hand and reins in both, driving slow biga of mules right; retrograde MEΣ-ΣANA counterclockwise from right, two dolphins confronted in exergue / Hare springing right; MEΣ-Σ-A-N-IO-N around; below, dolphin right. Caltabiano Series XIV, 536 (D212/R224); HGC 2, 792; SNG ANS 362; BMC 40; Garrett II 123 (same dies); Ognina 132 (same obv. die). Lightly toned, with light golden hues around the devices, underlying luster. Good VF.

Ex Bellwether Collection; Kovacs XV (10 January 2003), lot 27.