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577807. Sold For $47500

SICILY, Messana (as Zankle). Circa 500-493 BC. AR Drachm (21.5mm, 5.55 g). Dolphin left; DANKLE below; all within sickle-shaped harbor / Nine-part incuse square with scallop shell in center. Gielow Group 4; HGC 2, 766; SNG ANS 302; SNG Lloyd 1076; Andersen 35.1 and p. 194 (this coin); Basel 359; Boston MFA 285; Kraay & Hirmer 49; Rizzo pl. XXV, 4–5. Beautifully toned. Choice EF. Exceptional for issue; among the finest known examples.

Ex ‘Apollo to Apollo’ Collection.