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559035. SOLD $775

Theodore I Comnenus-Lascaris. Emperor of Nicaea, 1208-1222. AR Aspron Trachy (34mm, 4.19 g, 6h). Type B. Nicaea mint. Struck 1208-1212(?). Christ Pantokrator enthroned facing; IC XC, with macrons above, across field; annulet on throne / ΘЄOΔωPOC ΔЄC to left, O ΘЄOΔωPOC down right, Theodore and St. Theodore standing facing, each holding sheathed sword and supporting between them a staff topped by eight-pointed star. DOC 2; LBC 132-6 var. (throne ornaments); SB 2064 (Magnesia mint). Iridescent toning, edge chip, small area of weakness on obverse. EF.

Ex Simon Bendall Collection.