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MYSIA, Pergamum. Geta. AD 209-211. Æ Medallion (45mm, 49.26 g, 6h). Menogenes the Younger, strategos for the second time. Struck AD 211. · AVTOKPA · KAI · ΠΟΠΛΙOC · CЄΠTI · ΓЄTAC ·, laureate and cuirassed bust right, wearing slight beard; gorgoneion on breastplate / ЄΠI CTP · MHNO ΓЄNOVC B NЄOV · ΠЄPΓAMH/N Ω N, · B · NЄOKOPΩN in two lines in exergue, Geta right on horseback, preparing to spear prone and supplicating captive below horse; oval shield to left below horse. Von Fritze, Pergamon –; SNG BN 2217 corr. (attributed to Caracalla – same dies); SNG Leypold –; SNG von Aulock –. Green patina, slight doubling, minor smoothing. Good VF. Very rare.

Ex Leu Numismatik 1 (25 October 2017), lot 117.

Though sometimes described as a Parthian, the cringing, nude enemy below the hooves of Geta’s horse is more likely intended to represent a Caledonian warrior from the recent Severan campaigns in Britannia. Geta was acclaimed as Augustus while resident in Britain, and this is the only military campaign in which he took an active role.