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SICILY, Gela. Circa 420-415 BC. AR Tetradrachm (26mm, 17.39 g, 7h). Charioteer, holding kentron in right hand and reins in both, driving slow quadriga right; above, Nike flying left, crowning charioteer with [wreath held in both hands]; in exergue, heron flying right / Forepart of man-headed bull right; ΓEΛAΣ (retrograde) above. Jenkins, Gela, Group VIII, – (O92/R183 [unlisted die combination]); HGC 2, 356; SNG ANS 94–5 var. (ethnic not retrograde; same obv. die); SNG Lockett 770 = Pozzi 440 var. (same; same obv. die). Lightly toned over lustrous surfaces, some die rust on obverse. Superb EF. New die combination for series.

Ex Roma III (31 March 2012), lot 56 (hammer £34,000).