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454, Lot: 494. Estimate $300.

ISLAMIC, 'Abbasid Caliphate. temp. al-Rashid. AH 170-193 / AD 786-809. AR Hemidrachm (24.5mm, 1.24 g, 3h). Issue of Mihrān, governor (AH 170 / AD 786/7). Tabaristan mint. Dated PYE 135 = AH 170 (AD 786/7). Stylized crowned Sassanian style bust right; ’pd in Pahlavi to lower right in outer margin; nwk’ in Pahlavi to lower left / Fire altar flanked by attendants; pellets flanking flames; date to left, mint to right; alternating triple pellets and star-in-crescents in outer margin. Malek 92; Album 62; ICV 109. Toned, porous, edge chip. VF. Very rare.

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454, Lot: 494.
Closing Date And Time: Oct 16, 2019 at 12:44:40 PM ET.
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