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515565. SOLD $1575

ANGLO-SAXON, Kings of Northumbria. Aldfrith. 685-705. AR Sceatt (11.5mm, 1.15 g, 10h). York mint. + AldFRIdUS around central pellet-in-annulet / Quadruped with forked tail standing left. Booth, Sceattas 1–7 var. (unlisted dies); Chapman 1-8; Metcalf, Coinage 21 (this coin); Pirie, Guide 1.2; Abramson 69.10 (same dies); SCBI 63 (BM), 757; North 176; SCBC 846. Toned. VF. Boldly struck on good metal. Rare.

Ex Ealing Collection; Classical Numismatic Review XL.2 (Summer 2015), no. 407412; Spink Numismatic Circular CIV.1 (February 1996), no. 119.