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438, Lot: 719. Estimate $150.

HANOVER. Caroline of Ansbach. Queen Consort, 1727-1737. Æ Medal (30mm, 31.10 g, 12h). Dassier’s “Kings and Queens of England” Series, 1731. By Jean Dassier. CAROLINA · D · G · MAG · BR · FR · ET · HIB · REG ·, draped bust right, wearing stephane; J · DASSIER below / DILECTA DEO ET HOMINIBUS. (Beloved to God and men), Charity seated facing slightly right on knoll, head downward to left, holding nursing infant in lap and extending hand to child to right standing facing. reading from book; to left, child on knoll peering at Charity from behind; child seated right on ground, writing document with quill; I · D · in exergue. Eisler 2a; MI 499/44; Eimer 524. Near EF, brown surfaces.

From the Gasvoda Collection.

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438, Lot: 719.
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