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NORMAN. William I 'the Conqueror'. 1066-1087. AR Penny (19.5mm, 1.41 g, 12h). Paxs type (BMC viii). Brideport (Bridport) mint; Beorhtwig, moneyer. Struck circa 1083-1087. + PILLEL(M R)EX, crowned facing bust, holding lis-tipped scepter in left hand; trefoil on right shoulder / + BRIHTPI ON BRIDI, cross pattée; letters of P A X S in annulets within quarters. SCBI –; BMC 512; Symonds Collection (Glendining, September 1973), 5 (same dies); North 850; SCBC 1257. VF, toned. Very rare mint.

Ex Dr. John Hulett Collection.