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Bust With Scepter

475025. Sold For $1950

ANGLO-SAXON, Kings of All England. Cnut. 1016-1035. AR Penny (19mm, 1.06 g, 8h). Quatrefoil type variety (BMC viiib, Hild. Ec). Lincolne (Lincoln) mint; Asleikr, moneyer. Struck circa 1017-1023. + CNVT REX ΛNGLORVI, crowned and draped bust left, trefoil-tipped scepter before; all within quatrefoil / + AS LAC MO L INCO, voided long cross with triple-crescent ends and pellet at center, over quatrefoil. Blackburn & Lyon Lincoln late style; Mossop 26 (dies D/f); Hild. 1503; North 781; SCBC 1157. EF, lightly toned. Very rare variety struck only at Lincoln, Hereford, and Gloucester.