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Constantine IV Pogonatus. 668-685. AV Solidus (18mm, 4.13 g, 6h). Syracuse mint. Struck circa 681-685. DOC 59a var.; Spahr 175 var.; Anastasi 236 var.; MIB 37 var.; SB 1204 var. EF, reverse slightly double struck. Extremely rare and seemingly unpublished variety. Wonderful style.

Ex “An Important Collection of Byzantine Coins” (Sincona 3, 25 October 2011), lot 3357; Numismatica Ars Classica 21 (17 May 2001), lot 617.

The pellet after the “Θ” is unrecorded in the standard references for such “fine style” issues struck during Constantine’s sole reign, but is known on the cruder issues that immediately preceded them. For unknown reasons, this privy mark was briefly carried over when the new engravers began.