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Classical Numismatic Group, Inc. Triton XXI, in conjunction with the 46th annual New York International Numismatic Convention. 9-10 January 2018. Grand Hyatt New York. (X278)

1570 total lots (including the separate Staffieri Collection) to be sold in four sessions. This catalog features Greek coins from the J.L. Gomer Collection, a "Master of the Rhegium Apollo" tetradrachm from the Eddé and Gillet Collections, a Beautiful Iconic Athens didrachm from the Salvesen Collection, a Year 1 prototype shekel of the Jewish War, an extremely rare Arsinoë III mnaieion, Roman Republican and Imperial coins from the Dr. Allan Smith Collection, an exceptional Octavian, Caesar, and Agrippa denarius, Roman aurei from the Jonathan P. Rosen Collection, a hoard of Roman gold and silver from the Weissenberg Family Collection, a superb Jahangir portrait mohur from the H.W. Collection, a unique gold 10 dukat of Károly (Charles) III of Hungary, gold 100 dukat of Zygmunt (Sigismund) III Wasa of Poland, the Princeps Collection of Transylvanian coinage, Part III, thrymsas and sceatts from the Dr. JDR Collection, an exceptional selection of British gold from the Collections of Jonathan P. Rosen and Arthur M. Fitts III. This is a special order catalog and distribution is limited.

This is for catalog orders for delivery outside North America only.

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