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CELTIC, Gaul. The Aedui. Kaletedou series. Circa first century BC. AR Quinarius (15mm, 1.94 gm). Helmeted head of Roma left; X behind / Horse left. CCCBM II 284ff. Toned VF.

From the Charles E. Weber Collection.

After they appealed to Rome against the Arverni and Allobroges in 121 BC, the Aedui received the title fratres consanguineique (brothers and kinsmen), and thereafter became the Romans' chief allies in Gaul. Divitiacus, a leading citizen of the Aedui, the brother of Dumnorix, and a Druid, became Caesar's translator and main go-between during the Gallic Wars. The Aedui, however, did not wholeheartedly support the Romans, though their support of Vercingetorix, who promised to drive Rome from Gaul, was likewise lukewarm.