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ETRURIA, Populonia. 3rd century BC. AR 20 Asses (18mm, 8.36 g). Diademed facing head of Metus; X X (mark of value) below / Blank. EC Group XII, Series 59.12 (O36) = Vecchi II, 59.21 (this coin); HN Italy 152; SNG Gale 6 (same die). EF, toned, irregular flan, minor die break on obverse, light scratches under tone on reverse.

Ex MoneyMuseum, Zurich Collection (Triton XVIII, 5 January 2015), lot 308; Numismatica Ars Classica 7 (1 March 1994), lot 70; Tkalec (26 March 1991), lot 16; Athos D. Moretti Collection.