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GERMANY, Ostfriesland (Fürstentum). Christina Ludowike von Nassau-Idstein. 1691-1723. AR Medal (31mm, 6.01 g, 12h). Commemorating the Life of the Princess. By J. Christian. Dually-dated 1691 and 1723. VITAE MELIORIS IMAGO (an image of a better life), skull and crossbones, with grain ears sprouting from the eye sockets of the skull / PIAE/MEMORIAE/SER·PRINC·/AC/DN·DOMINAE/CHRISTIANAE LV=/DOVICAE,/PR·FRIS·ORIENT·/NATAE/PRINC·NASSOV·/D·31·MART·1691·/DEN·13·APR·1723/AET·32· (in pious memory of the lady Christina Ludowike, princess of East Frisia, born in the Principality of Nassau on the 31st day of March, and died on the 13th day of 1723, at the age of 32) in 13 lines. Knyphausen 6628; Kennepohl 4367; Bannike 68. Near EF, lightly toned.