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Exceptional Dinar

876309. Sold For $1750

BALKANS, Dubrovačka Republika. Kotor. Protectorate of Hungary. 1370-1382. AR Dinar (20mm, 1.57 g, 6h). Struck in the name of Ludovik I of Hungary. · LODOVICVS · · RЄX · VnGΛRI ·, crowned figure of Ludovik seated facing on throne terminating in lions, holding cruciform scepter and globus cruciger / · S · TRIPnOn · CΛTΛRЄnSI, nimbate figure of St. Tryphon standing facing within pearl mandorla, holding palm frond and crucifex. D&D; Huszár 553b; Rethy (Fortsetzung) 102b. Superb EF, toned. Exceptional for issue.