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861636. Sold For $7750

PTOLEMAIC KINGS of EGYPT. Arsinoë II, wife of Ptolemy II. Died 270 BC. AV Oktadrachm (27mm, 27.71 g, 12h). Alexandreia mint. Struck under Ptolemy II, 253/2-246 BC. Veiled and diademed head right, wearing stephane; Θ to left, lotus-tipped scepter behind / APΣINOHΣ ΦIΛAΔEΛΦOY, double cornucopia bound with fillet. Svoronos 460; Troxell, Arsinoe, Transitional to Group 3, p. 43 and pl. 6, 3 (same obv. die as illustrated coin); SNG Copenhagen 134; BMC 9; Noske -; Boston MFA -; CNG 76, lot 875 (same obv. die). VF, a few light marks.