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A Run of Barbarous Radiates

812436. Sold For $65

Barbarous Radiates. Late 3rd century AD-5th century AD. Antoninianus (16mm, 1.55 g, 1h). Imitating Gallienus. Radiate head right / Stag standing right. Cf. RIC V 179. Good VF.

Barbarous Radiates, named for their crude nature and emphasis upon the radiate crown worn by the emperor on the prototype, were primarily produced in the western provinces, such as Gaul and Britain, in the centuries following the decline of the empire. Though mostly imitative of Antoniniani of the mid-late third century AD, these coins were generally smaller than the official issues and simply circulated as small change. Designs were produced with varying degrees of craftsmanship, with the most extreme examples featuring relatively unintelligible legends and generic reverse deity types.