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Nomos AG, 48

803734. Sold For $1450

MYSIA, Pergamon. Circa 133-27 BC. Æ Chalkous(?) (15mm, 2.55 g, 12h). Head of Asklepios left / Serpent-entwined staff; B to left. SNG France 1860; cf. SNG Copenhagen 402; SNG von Aulock -; BMC -. Superb EF, dark green patina. Fine style. Rare late bronze issue.

Ex Friedrich Popken Collection.

The famous Asklepieion (or Sanctuary of Asklepios) was located in Pergamon, about a mile south of the city’s acropolis. It was a world-renowned site to which people would travel in the hopes of finding a cure for their ailments. Archaeological surveys have found numerous terracotta body parts at the site, which must have been offerings given by these hopeful pilgrims.