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Nomos AG, 28

803292. Sold For $7250

AKARNANIA, Federal Coinage (Akarnanian Confederacy). Circa 180-167 BC. AR Stater (24mm, 8.27 g, 11h). Leukas mint; Mnasos, magistrate. Apollo standing left, sacrificing over tripod and holding kithara under left arm; all within laurel wreath / Herakles standing left, holding club set on ground and lion skin; stalk of grain and ƎΘ monogram to left; all within shallow concave incuse. BCD Akarnania 56 (this coin); SNG Copenhagen -; Weber 3117. Near EF, toned. Excellent silver quality. Extremely rare.

Ex BCD Collection.

This coin, from a series of the highest rarity, shares some parallels in fabric and design with the later staters of Leukas.