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Very Rare Early Akarnanian Hemidrachm

803258. Sold For $2750

AKARNANIA, Federal Coinage (Akarnanian Confederacy). 430-420 BC. AR Hemidrachm (Triobol) (14mm, 2.66 g, 7h). Stratos mint. Head of river-god Achelӧos right / Retrograde F within incuse square. BCD Akarnania 1 (this coin); cf. SNG Copenhagen 405 var. (F not retrograde). Good VF, toned, minor roughness and smoothing beneath tone, a shallow edge test cut. Very rare.

Ex BCD Collection, 1; Münzen und Medaillen AG 41 (18 June 1970), lot 99; Hess-Leu 31 (6 December 1966), lot 294 .